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Drums Unlimited 2

    1. "Groovin Up" - Drum Set Duo with 3/4 and 4/4 time Latin grooves, very variable.
    2. "African Dance" - Percussion Trio with African influences. Marimba part can be multiplied.
    3. "Knocking On Drummers Ear" - Set Up Solo. Various time measures. Rhythmical, tuneful and minimalistic sound passages. Homage to all hearing impaired drummers. I deliberately chose a smaller instrument, available to most of the drummers.
    4. "Orient-Express" - Marimba Solo. Latin-, Jazz- and Folk influences. It was my first F-Marimba which inspired me to compose this piece.
    5. "Duet Colours" - Duo for Vibraphone and Marimba. Jazz- and minimalistic influences melting into a colourful tune. Scored improvisation part included.
    6. "Parlando" - Solo for three Timpani. One movement. From free passages merging into rhythmical time changes and various swing types to virtuous parts.
    7. "Drumsetduo #2" - From �Drei Duos f�r Drumset� (Three Duos for Drum Set�).Half time grooves and real time grooves alternating with slight Latin influences and unison passages.
    8. "Sonnentanz" - (�Sun dance�) Vibraphone Solo. With very rhythmical and melodious elements. Scored improvisation part included. Dedicated to my wife Sabine.
    9. "Surakarta" - Duo for Vibraphone and Metal Instruments. I was inspired by Indonesian gamelan music.
    10. "Drumming Solo (Bonus Track)" - Putting together three spontaneous Drum Set improvisations played with Brushes, Shaker and Double Bass.

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