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Drums Unlimited 4

  • 1. Rotation No. 2 for drums and piano, both instruments very groove and rhythm-emphasized. Rock Pop Style.

    2. Butterfly for solo marimba, lyrical marked and gives the artist plenty of room for interpretation

    3. Reflection  for solo vibraphone , rhythmic and relaxed with slight Jazzfeel much melody.

    4.DaMa-Dance 2 for solo marimba and two percussionists, the adaptation of the original union marimba solos to a trio.

    5.Batman & Robin is the fifth Drumset Duet out from the Book "Five Drumset Duel"

    6. Similar Realize a marimba duet that for my students Jan-Tobias and Felix were developed-is, both have also recorded it.

    7.HYMN for vibraphone solo is very atmospheric and melodic. Intro and outro are played with a bow

    8.Teaktri for marimba and bongo drums.Three players on one marimba playing minimalmusic with phase shift and complex rhythms

    9.Rotation No. 1 for drums and cello. Rock elements alternating with delicate sounds. (With Double Bass)

    10.Marimbayana for Solo Marimba, dedicated to the famous Mexican Marimbaplayer Javier Nandayapa

    11.Latin Joker for drumset solo from the book "Three Solo for  Drumset". In Latin Style
    4 / 4 & 7 / 4

    12. Muffle Shuffle  out from the Book " Drum Play Along 2" (codamusic) A song with typical Halftimeshuffle


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